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Gain an Edge Through Cutting Edge Search Marketing

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If you are new to SEO, you most likely hear all kinds of jargon being thrown around of which you are clueless. But rest assured, when you enlist the services of a high quality SEO reseller, you will no longer be asking “What is search marketing?”, you will be right in the thick of it. Of course, you will not be alone, because the top search engine marketing firms consider it a fundamental part of their job to be there with you, every step of the way. When businesses make the decision to purchase SEO reseller packages they are certainly taking a step in the right direction; but the foremost advantage of partnering with and SEO reseller is probably their guidance. After all, it is impossible to become an SEO expert if just last week you were asking “What is search marketing?” This is not to say that the concept behind search marketing is some big, deep, shadowy secret. It is simply the process of increasing the visibility of your business through a variety of SEO tools. For our purpos

Why Search Engine Rankings in Google Are Important

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Google rankings
The name of the game in modern internet marketing is search engine ranking, no doubt about it. Consider what happens when a web user heads to Google and types in a search query. They are given a return set of results listed from most popular or most useful, all the way down through the least so. Most people click on the top ranked link in the organic search results, ignoring the sponsored results almost entirely. Consider further that Google receives nearly 70 percent of the online search engine market share. So, how can businesses get themselves highly placed in Google rankings to take advantage of all that can grant them? Firstly, businesses need to understand exactly