The Reasons You Should Optimize Your Site for Google Rankings

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Did you know that in 2012, over 70 million people used mobile devices to do online shopping? It is important, if you run a website for your company, that you take advantage of online opportunity for sales. One way of doing that is optimizing your site for search engine rankings. Most people online today use search engines to locate websites for their purchasing needs. This is important for local companies as well, considering that 65 percent of mobile users search for products and services by local businesses. How can you optimize your site for search engine rankings? For most companies, search engine optimization is the answer. Although there are many potential techniques for SEO marketing, the primary avenue is quality content creation. Quality content helps sites rise in search engine rankings faster than almost anything else. Practitioners of SEO will create professional content in the form of blogs, blurbs and articles to be posted on and off the company website. Did you know that 40 percent of US companies have a blog? This is not accidental, but a reflection of the importance of content creation. Adding a blog to your website will increase your pages for search indexing by an average of 400 percent. This means more people are coming to your website via your blog, and your blog is also helping your site appeal to search algorithms, and obtain a higher rank. Most users will never scroll past the first page of results when searching for websites, so it is important that your site ranks near the top. Also keep in mind that black hat SEO techniques are no longer an effective way to climb rankings, if indeed they ever were. This refers to tactics that rely more on tricking algorithms than providing them with real content. Examples of this are invisible text, and keyword stuffing. Owing to the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates to Google, these techniques are not only ignored, but often punished in their search engine rankings.

Use SEO to Give Your Company a Boost

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Search engine rankings
In the United States, 92 percent of online adults will perform at least one search every day. As a result, search engines provide lots of great opportunities for businesses who are looking to give their sales a boost by increasing visibility and attracting new customers. In many cases, the best way to do that is designing and executing a powerful search engine optimization strategy. By utilizing SEO, businesses will be able to improve search engine rankings and, in turn, get seen by more potential customers. As a result, search engine optimization is a useful strategy for any company looking to stand out in the digital marketplace and expand. Google is a unique company that receives between 65 and 70 percent of the search engine market share. Because of that, many businesses looking to utilize search engine optimization will want to focus their efforts on Google. However, Google is not just unique because it provides other businesses with many opportunities for growth. In addition to having the lawn of its headquarters mowed by goats, the founders also housed the ten 4GB hard drives they used to test their PageRank algorithm in a storage compartment made out of LEGO bricks. While LEGOS might not have an impact on search engine optimization, they might represent the fact that Google is a unique company that businesses might want to focus their marketing efforts on. Some companies might question whether or not search engine optimization is worthwhile, and, therefore, be hesitant to use it. However, leads that stem from SEO have a close rate of 14.6 percent , which is much higher than outbound leads that close at only 1.7 percent . So while search engine optimization might be complex, and difficult for some owners and managers to understand, either taking the time to get familiar with it or hiring professional SEO experts can be quite worthwhile. Doing so can go a long way towards helping a business build a larger customer base. Though search engine optimization can be quite useful, it is not the only strategy that businesses will want to use in order to develop the dynamic web presence they need to attract new customers. In addition to search engine optimization, they should consider developing their social media pages. Even Google, which is integral to SEO, uses Twitter. In fact, in 2009, the company released its first Tweet, which was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky.” While search engine optimization is great for helping businesses get seen, social media allows them to enter into a dialogue with consumers. So the two tend to work very well together in an internet marketing campaign.

Search Engine Marketing Is Essential

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Did you know that over 88 percent of US internet users, age 14 and up, browsed or researched products online in 2012? In today’s world, more and more consumers are turning to the internet to find the products and services that they need. This trend is only the rise with advent of mobile devices: as of 2012 over 70 million users shop using a mobile device such as a cellphone or tablet computer. Therefore, online marketing is an integral part of running a business. Important aspects of online marketing include SEO, social media marketing, web design, and blogging. In fact, companies that blog have 434 percent more indexed pages, resulting in more leads. SEO, or Search engine optimization, is a particularly important aspect of online marketing, as consumers are increasingly using search engines to find products and services to purchase. In fact, according to SEMPO, the North American search engine marketing industry will be valued at nearly $23B by the end of 2012. It is important to note that Google rankings are especially important, as Google control a considerable component of the search engines market share. Interestingly, the very first Google “doodle” dates back to 1998, and depicts the Burning Man. It was intended as a sort of out of office message to let people know that co founders Brin and Page were at the famous Nevada festival. Studies show that when consumers utilize search engines they typically click on the first link that meets their criteria and are unlikely to scroll through pages and pages of results. Therefore, the higher a website appears in search engines results pages, the more likely a consumer is to visit that website. Furthermore, it is also critical that a website appears in organic, as opposed to sponsored, rankings. SEO, which raises a website’s ranking in search engines results, is thus a crucial part of effective online marketing.

Search Engines Can Provide The Perfect Means To Launch A Marketing Campaign

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Search engine rankings
While it is Google that walks away with about two thirds of the market share derived from search engines, you will do well to utilize marketing techniques that will not only boost your Google rankings, but will do the same for other search engines as well. In order to create such a boost, you will need techniques like SEO which promote inbound leads; a measure that is over 60 percent less costly than outbound leads and several times over more effective. In fact, 57 percent of marketers working the B2B section claim that optimization efforts for search engines create the biggest sway over their lead generation hands down. It was estimated that over 88 percent of the people in the United States who are over the age of thirteen and are on the internet browsed for at least one product or another using search engines in 2012 with a little less than 50 percent of that number researching further through social networks to request product information. With a little more than 42 percent of the people using search engines looking to click only on the top natural result, you have your work cut out for you if you want to be in that top spot all the time. Fortunately, there are some great SEO tools available to help you implement and monitor your program so that can become extremely effective. You will find that if you decide to use search engine optimization in its most powerful form that you will be able to optimize your website, your social media presence, your blogs, and any other space you maintain for your business to increase exposure. While there are certainly many other internet marketing techniques that you can utilize, SEO will always prove to be the most universal. If you need help with your program, you can always count on a professional to assist you. There are professionals available that can teach you how to use your SEO tools or just provide optimization themselves. You will see that by tapping the right resources that your program can become more than you ever thought it could be. In the end, your optimization efforts will lead your company to prosperity. By having such a marketing plan in place, your rankings will shoot up along with your customer numbers. Even the best business model, product, or service is worthless without visibility and this is what SEO brings to the table.