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Search engine rankings
There are more than 70 million users now shopping online via a mobile device, i.e., a cellphone or tablet computer. As well, 65% percent of mobile web users rely on those mobile devices to locate local businesses where they can make a purchase. 60% of people have researched a service or product on Google. Any SEO professional will agree that the web has become a really important marketing platform, particularly in regards to search engines. The successful internet marketer and search engine optimization expert primarily focuses on email and Google search, with search engine rankings, especially those all important Google rankings, being the most important metric of measuring user engagement. Google has a 60-70% perc

Create a Business Plan and Boost Your Online Presence

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Search engine rankings
Need help with search engine optimization and reaching a greater web audience? White label seo reporting tool offers a competitor driven process, creating a personal plan for your website that allows you to stay ahead of the competition. White label seo reports let customers receive automatic fast and reliable service. By taking a few minutes to set up a client manager and scheduler, clients can begin to automatically receive all the seo white label reports that are generated for them, cutting out the human element. This means businesses that use seo reselling and a white label reporting tool can spend more time doing what the business does best, and less time updating social sites, sending emails and trolling the web to see what the competition is doing. Continue Reading No Comments

Understanding SEO Marketing

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Search engines
Most people don’t have a good understanding of what SEO marketing is. Simply put, this is nothing more than search engine optimization. What exactly is it though? It’s the strategies that are used to make your website more visible and improve your website’s ranking within the search engines, such as Google. This is something that every webmaster needs since they want their website to appear in the top listings of all the major search engines. What’s included within SEO marketing? This type of online marketing strategy includes getting your product or service from creation to the consumer. It’s meant to create visibility, which in turn will increase your website traffic and thus bring you more customers who will improve your bottom line. As such, Seo marketing is the process of getting the search engines to find and rank your website and its content. Obviously you want a high ranking so that your potential customers will easily find you based upon the keyword he types into the search engine. In this way you can look at SEO marketing as a type of popularity contest. Whenever everything is done just right the search engines will be able to easily find, index and rank your website. Then you’ll be shown on the search engines’ results pages for your specific keywords. This will enable people to see your website there and click on its link to visit your site. Taking this a step further, you’ll also need to get links from other websites that have the same keywords in their links as you have in yours. This is what’s known by Google as a ranking vote and it will establish your website as being more authoritative. So, the more link votes you’re able to get, the more Google will think that you have a valuable website thus giving you a higher authoritative ranking.

A Peak Inside the SEO Toolbox

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Seo tools
Search engine optimization or SEO is an important tool in internet marketing. People may think that by simply putting information on the web it will be found. While they are not wrong the information can be found, sites that use SEO tools will be found faster and seen by more people. Nearly 60 percent of consumers begin looking for a product or service with a search engine. Only approximately a quarter of consumers navigate directly to a company website and an even fewer, around 18 percent , use social media outlets. With numbers like that it is easy to see why Google rankings are so closely watched by many companies these days. Companies that use SEO tools like blogs have 434 percent more indexed pages, which can help a company increase their PageRank. PageRank is an algorithm that indexes pages on the web to find useful keyword driven content and ranks them according to a propitiatory formula. This algorithm interestingly, takes its name from Google co founder Larry Page. Google is one of the most popular search engines globally and is involved in many green initiatives. In an effort to reduce use of fossil fuels, the companies head quarters uses goats to maintain their lawns. SEO tools help search engines like Google find your content and display it to users. SEO is something a company can undertake on its own or they can contract out to an internet marketing firm that offers SEO services. Seo tools used by professionals include posting and linking blogs and informational articles. There are many sites on the web that can further explain how SEO tools could help your business. By contracting SEO services to a third party companies can save man hours and keep their workforce on task. With three quarters of internet users never scrolling beyond the first page SEO tools that increase your companies rankings have never been more important. Customers and clients are the life blood of industry and if they cannot find you in the ever expanding global internet community, your business may be greatly impacted.