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There are more than 70 million users now shopping online via a mobile device, i.e., a cellphone or tablet computer. As well, 65% percent of mobile web users rely on those mobile devices to locate local businesses where they can make a purchase. 60% of people have researched a service or product on Google. Any SEO professional will agree that the web has become a really important marketing platform, particularly in regards to search engines. The successful internet marketer and search engine optimization expert primarily focuses on email and Google search, with search engine rankings, especially those all important Google rankings, being the most important metric of measuring user engagement. Google has a 60-70% perc

The Reasons You Should Optimize Your Site for Google Rankings

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Did you know that in 2012, over 70 million people used mobile devices to do online shopping? It is important, if you run a website for your company, that you take advantage of online opportunity for sales. One way of doing that is optimizing your site for search engine rankings. Most people online today use search engines to locate websites for their purchasing needs. This is important for local companies as well, considering that 65 percent of mobile users search for products and services by local businesses. How can you optimize your site for search engine rankings? For most companies, search engine optimization is the answer. Although there are many potential techniques for SEO marketing, the primary avenue is quality content creation. Quality content helps sites rise in search engine rankings faster than almost anything else. Practitioners of SEO will create professional content in the form of blogs, blurbs and articles to be posted on and off the company website. Did you know that 40 percent of US companies have a blog? This is not accidental, but a reflection of the importance of content creation. Adding a blog to your website will increase your pages for search indexing by an average of 400 percent. This means more people are coming to your website via your blog, and your blog is also helping your site appeal to search algorithms, and obtain a higher rank. Most users will never scroll past the first page of results when searching for websites, so it is important that your site ranks near the top. Also keep in mind that black hat SEO techniques are no longer an effective way to climb rankings, if indeed they ever were. This refers to tactics that rely more on tricking algorithms than providing them with real content. Examples of this are invisible text, and keyword stuffing. Owing to the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates to Google, these techniques are not only ignored, but often punished in their search engine rankings.

Internet Marketing Services

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There is no need to beat your head against the wall over internet marketing services because outsourcing is a viable option. The foundation of online marking is search engine optimization. Increasing Google rankings is something all website owners share in common as a goal. It wasn’t until 1998 when Google made its first “doodle.” The doodle depicted a Burning Man, which represents the famous festival that takes place in Nevada. Both Google cofounders posted the doodle to let the office know where they were. By February 26th, 2009, Google made its first tweet. The tweet was in binary code and stood for “I’m feeling lucky.” Recent studies show internet users spending most of their time ignoring sponsored ads and advertisement banners. In fact, up to 80 percent of internet users say they only spend time choosing organic links rather than clicking on paid advertisement links. Outsourcing internet marketing services is commonsense. Nobody should be in the dark when it comes to what types of services should be outsourced to gain successful results online. Seo marketing is based on PPC management, link building, content creation, blog commenting, article submissions, keyword research and market research. Overcoming competitors online is a process achieved by hiring the right internet marketing firm. The term “PageRank” is a name after Larry Page, who is one of Google’s cofounders. Increasing page rank can leave most new website owners curled up in a ball crying in a dark corner of the room. However, there is no need to cry like a baby or stress out about search engine optimization. Taking the time to review internet marketing firms and the services that they provide is a step that website owners should keep in mind. Social media sites, business directories and internet marketing forums provide some secrets about outsourcing. Hiring an SEO firm can make all the difference in the world for a website owner.

Reasons That Search Marketing Makes A Business Successful

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The first Google “doodle” appeared in 1998, a depiction of the Burning Man, which was created to let people know that the creators of the site were at the festival. Today, Google and other search engines are very important. Each month, more than 100 billion searches are performed across the world. 42 percent of users that search on these search engines click on the highest ranked organic page, which is why search ranking is important. Google rankings are what determine how high up your site gets seen when people search on Google to try to find businesses that they want to deal with. No matter what style of business you are or how long you have been online, Internet marketing to help you improve your search engine rankings is highly valuable. There are many reasons that investing in an improved search presence is a smart decision no matter what kind of company you are. Receiving search engine marketing services such as search engine optimization will help your business by allowing you to appear more highly on results pages when people are looking for the kinds of products and services that you can offer. Search rankings are determined by a unique set of algorithms that varies depending on the particular engine. In order to make sure that you get your page properly optimized for search, it is a good idea to hire a specialist to assist with this task. These experts can also help you with your visibility amongst those that look for companies with mobile devices. As of the year 2012, more than 70 million people use a mobile device like a tablet or a cellphone to shop online. Search engines are great to market your business on because they will allow you to bring in targeted traffic that is interested in the kind of services and products you have to offer, instead of just randomly marketing your organization. Ranking highly on these pages is important, as reports show that 42 percent of search users click on the highest ranked organic result and 70 to 80 percent of users do not pay any mind to sponsored links. Find companies that specialize in assisting their clients with this style of web marketing so that you will be able to increase your Internet prominence and sell more of the products and services that you provide for customers, which will facilitate growth and help you become successful in your chosen industry.