Internet Marketing Agencies Helping Businesses Increase Their Search Result Rankings

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The world of business today is much like the theory of survival of the fittest. Those who are the most fit to survive in today’s market are the businesses that are able to stand out among their competition. And this task is proving to be an increasingly difficult challenge for businesses. Consumers, on the other hand, are experiencing the benefits of having plenty of options to choose from each time they search for any sort of product or service. With all of these options available, though, many businesses struggle to stand out in the results provided by search engines such as Google. With

Why Search Engine Rankings in Google Are Important

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The name of the game in modern internet marketing is search engine ranking, no doubt about it. Consider what happens when a web user heads to Google and types in a search query. They are given a return set of results listed from most popular or most useful, all the way down through the least so. Most people click on the top ranked link in the organic search results, ignoring the sponsored results almost entirely. Consider further that Google receives nearly 70 percent of the online search engine market share. So, how can businesses get themselves highly placed in Google rankings to take advantage of all that can grant them? Firstly, businesses need to understand exactly

Optimization for search engines

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If you want your online marketing plan for your business to succeed, then it is important for you or your internet marketing specialist to have a good understanding of Google, and how their algorithms determine search engine rankings for sites like yours. First, a little piece of trivia that might help you understand the Google mindset a little better; did you know that the Google company headquarters lawns are mowed not by machines, but by rented goats that eat the grass on the lawns? This is just one little factoid about the company. If you want to get great rankings from search engines such as Google, it is important to have a much more in depth understanding of the company and how they rank sites. One good thing to know is that companies that keep blogs have over 4 times as many indexed pages, which can result in getting more leads. Also, when you want to find a cost effective way to get the marketing results that you are looking for, you should know that in bound leads, such as those that come from search engine optimization, cost about 61 percent lower than outbound lead generation, such as cold calling. In addition to getting great rankings from search engines, mobile optimization is key. After all, as of 2012, over 70,000,000 users shop use a mobile device like a tablet or a smart phone, and that number is continuing to grow. About two thirds of mobile internet users rely on using search engines on their tablet or smartphone to find a local business so that they can make a purchase, so having a site that is easy for mobile users to navigate is becoming as important of a consideration as finding out how to get great rankings from search engines. Talk to an SEO or SEM firm in your area, and find out how they can help you get great rankings from search engines so that you attract customers, and how you can optimize your site for mobile users so that making purchases is a breeze for them.