Benefits and Drawbacks to SEO Reseller Packages

SEO, or search engine optimization, is quickly becoming an important aspect of online marketing for both local and national businesses. Research shows that most people never look past the first page of results, and that eighty percent of users prefer organic search results over paid listings. SEO companies offer optimization services that rely on creating quality content with enough key words.

Many SEO companies are looking for ways to sell their services while spending the least amount of money on marketing and advertising. Reseller packages are the answer to this. Basically, the SEO company allows the reseller to market their services for them. The reseller pays a monthly fee to be able to do this. In turn, they are allowed to market the SEO services at whatever price they think is reasonable and will allow for profit.

There are advantages and disadvantages to SEO reseller packages. Most resellers are benefitted by the reseller packages. Even though there is an initial start up cost, the money is quickly made back through finding and retaining clients. Most SEO companies will assist the reseller in starting up their own website and marketing to clients.

When it comes to reseller packages there is obvious benefit to the SEO company since they are basically getting paid by a middle man to market their services to local and specialized markets they might not otherwise be able to easily access. This cuts down on marketing costs and also allows the companies to focus on doing what they do best, rather than spending a lot of time reaching out to local businesses all over the country.

A drawback to reseller packages, however, is that they can sometimes adversely affect the quality of the SEO services if communication is not as strong as it could be. Although SEO companies set up their resellers to be competent and educated about SEO services, there is often a disconnect where the reseller does not get enough specifics from the client about what they want or do not want in their content, often passing on nothing but a few vague key words to the SEO company.

SEO writers then have to try and write with few guidelines, and the decreased specificity takes away from the potential effectiveness of the content. It is also more difficult for them to talk to the client, since there are a series of middle men in between them.

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