Benefits of Becoming an SEO Reseller

There is frequent chatter in the business and marketing circles about SEO, private label SEO, white label SEO and SEO reseller programs. If you have yet to do your homework on this topic, those may sound like nonsense phrases to you. When they are in fact very powerful marketing tools to help businesses compete in the internet era. If you have done some reading you may be wondering what a career as an SEO reseller may look like.

An SEO reseller offers the services of an SEO company to their customers. With this business model a reseller packages the services of another company, in this case SEO, to a business looking to improve their search engine rankings. Resellers offer in demand products that are very useful to their clientele. An SEO reseller has a great opportunity many people dream of, being able to work from anywhere. Since you are not selling a physical product, rather the services of an SEO firm, their is no overhead for an office or storage space. Getting set up as a reseller can be as simple as having an internet connection.

Another bonus of SEO reseller packages is that you do not need to perform the maintenance or execution of your clients SEO plans. As a reseller you are the go between for the client and the SEO content creation firm. An SEO reseller really only needs to worry about networking and maintaining their client relations.

The final benefit gained from reselling SEO is, of course, the commissions. Depending on the contract you sign with the provider of SEO services you may receive a percentage of all your sales or you may receive a flat fee per client signed up. Being an SEO reseller can be a great way for people to earn an income while working from home.

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